The book includes insights from the following experts:

  • Ashley Bard, AdventHealth, IT Director, Enterprise Care Navigation and Telehealth Technologies, Read the article >>
  • Curt Cooper, Radiology Partners, IT Director and Service Leader, Networking and Physical Deployment, Read the article >>
  • Justin Brown, Veritas Technologies LLC, Director of IT, Collaboration and MessagingRead the article >>
  • Keith Blizard, Fidelity Investments, Senior VP, Public Cloud Services, Read the article >> 
  • Tracy Hockenberry, Salisbury Management, Inc., Director of IT Business Systems and Enterprise PMO, Read the article >>





9 EXPERTS ON HOW TO ALIGN IT’S WORK TO COMPANY STRATEGY was generously sponsored by Workfront.

In the face of significant work, business, and market disruption, including the rapid move to remote workforces, IT has been at the center of the storm, ensuring the business can keep running and building resilience for the future of work. Alignment with corporate priorities is more important to business success than ever. How can organizations bridge the gap between IT and the business in a competitive environment, uncertain future, and incredibly challenging economic climate?

With generous support from Workfront, we asked nine IT experts three questions:
• What is the biggest roadblock to aligning ITˇs work and the strategic priorities of the company?
• What causes those roadblocks?
• What advice can you offer for aligning the IT team with organizational priorities so that it can meet its
budget, deliver on time, and achieve the organization’s strategic priorities?

Many of the IT experts with whom we spoke recommended that IT leaders carefully consider how they design their teams. For example, IT should hire technologists that understand the business rather than continue to elevate subject matter experts (SMEs) as they gain seniority. IT teams and their leaders must also effectively communicate the risks involved in delaying technology investments. If they don’t, their organization may well find itself saddled with burdensome tech debt.

The essays in this eBook offer practical strategies, advice, and examples that highlight different approaches to addressing IT challenges that block business growth. Along the way, they explain how IT leaders can align the work their departments produce with organizational priorities so that IT can rise  to the position of trusted business partner and strategic business enabler. Anyone who wants to align the IT team with business priorities will benefit from the wisdom these experienced IT professionals share.