The book includes insights from the following experts:

7 Experts On Flawless Campaign Execution was generously sponsored by Workfront.

Marketing professionals are under significant pressure to execute flawless campaigns within progressively shorter time frames. However, ensuring proper internal alignment and efficient collaboration can be challenging to say the least. With competitors racing to get their campaigns to market first, how can marketing leaders scale their campaigns and launch them on accelerated schedules without compromising on quality?
With generous support from Workfront, we asked seven marketing experts for their secret to helping their internal and external team members be nimble, deliver high-quality work, and launch on time. Many of the marketing leaders with whom we spoke emphasized the importance of investing time and resources in ensuring internal alignment before a campaign begins in earnest, recognizing that it can be a heavy lift but is often well worth the effort. Others pointed out that transparency and the strategic use of data can help create exactly this sort of alignment, getting everyone on the same page—from external partners to executive leadership. Centralized systems and automation can assist with creating transparency and facilitating collaboration at scale, giving stakeholders the tools they need to carry out their responsibilities for a campaign.
The essays in this eBook offer practical strategies, advice, and examples that highlight different approaches to executing flawless campaigns in a high-pressure environment. Along the way, they explain how marketing leaders can achieve the necessary alignment and agility to nimbly navigate any roadblocks that could result in costly delays and make sure that their campaigns hit their deadlines. Anyone who needs to execute exceptional campaigns consistently will benefit from the wisdom these experienced marketing professionals share.