• Bart Basile, Systems Engineer – Aerospace, Texas Instrument
  • João Filipe Ferreira, Electrical Systems Engineer, Lilium
  • Devesh Jain, Senior System Engineer, Energy Storage Systems, Archer
  • Shawn Meng, Senior Program Manager, System Engineer, Garmin
  • Aakash Rathore, Senior System Engineer, Lilium
  • Antoine Savary, Industrial Engineer, Airbus
  • Michael Seidl, Systems Engineer – Aerospace, Texas Instruments
  • Burak Yüksel, Aircraft Systems Architect, Volocopter GmbH

Addressing New Challenges in Urban Air Mobility was generously sponsored by Texas Instruments and Mouser Electronics.

Urban Air Mobility is the next chapter for air transportation, the “flying cars” we all dreamed about as children. We interviewed eight experts behind this emerging technology on how they are bringing these dreams to reality today. We hope you enjoy their insights!