The book includes insights from the following experts:

  • Adele Revella, Buyer Persona Institute, CEO & Founder
  • Alan Osetek, Digilant, CEO
  • Alexandra Tyler, Citi, SVP, Head of Global Digital Rapid Innovative Experiences
  • Amiy Chatley, Marketing and Research Analytics Manager, EZBob Ltd/ Everline
  • Angela Hausman, Hausman and Associates, Owner
  • Anna Barcelos,Vector Software, Director of Marketing
  • Annie Gherini, StumbleUpon, Head of Marketing & Business Development
  • Bill Kiss, Sears Holdings, CMO
  • Bob Apollo, Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners, Founder
  • Brenda Stoltz, Ariad Partners, Founder and CEO
  • Cedric Dias, OCBC Bank, Head of Digital Marketing
  • Colin Shaw, Beyond Philosophy, CEO
  • David Deal, David J Deal Consulting, CEO
  • David Edelman, McKinsey, Partner
  • Derek Edmond, KoMarketing Associates, Managing Partner
  • Douglas Burdett, ARTILLERY LLC, Principal, Artillery and host of The Marketing Book Podcast
  • Douglas Karr, DK New Media, CEO
  • Edward Nevraumont, A Place for Mom, CMO
  • Eric Berkman, HCA, Director, Digital Marketing & CRM
  • Eric Wittlake, B2B and Digital Marketer, Media Director, Strategist and Industry Blogger
  • Fiona Pietruski, Shopography, SVP Member Strategy & Growth Marketing
  • Gabriel Lazaro, AIG, VP Digital Marketing
  • Gina Furia Rubel, Furia Rubel Communications Inc., President and CEO
  • Jamie Turner, Sixty Marketing, CEO
  • Jared Johnson, Ultera Digital, Founder and Content Awesomeness Advisor
  • Jeff Marcoux, Internet Marketing Association, Board Member and NW Chair
  • Jim Sterne, Digital Analytics Association, Chairman
  • Joseph Cole,, Head of Marketing
  • Julian Hillebrand, Convidera GmbH, Product Manager
  • Justin Steinman, GE Healthcare, CMO
  • Ken Rosen, Performance Works Consulting, Managing Partner
  • Lee Odden, TopRanking Marketing, CEO
  • Leo Sei, Google, Product Manager
  • Lora Kratchounova, Brandeis Graduate Professional Studies, Instructor
  • Mathew Sweezey, Salesforce, Principal of Marketing Insights
  • Matt Heinz, Heinz Marketing Inc, President
  • Mattias MacDowell, Harte Hanks, Marketing Analyst and Strategist
  • Michael Brenner, Marketing Insider Group and Author of The Content Formula, CEO
  • Mike Moran, Converseon, Senior Strategist
  • Mike Volpe, Repsly Inc, Board of Directors
  • Neal Schaffer, Maximize Your Social, Social Media Keynote Speaker
  • Nigel Temple, The Marketing Compass, Founder
  • Paul Gillin, Profitecture, Social Media Trainer & Consultant
  • Scott McAllister, Time Inc., SVP of Consumer Digital Marketing + Biz Dev
  • Scott Vaughan, INTEGRATE, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Seiya Vogt, Bitly, Performance Marketing Manager
  • Susan Baroncini-Moe, Business in Blue Jeans, CEO
  • Tim Bourgeois, East Coast Catalyst, Partner
  • Tim Hernquist, Independent Consultant (former Sony Mobile), Consultant
  • Tom Pick, Webbiquity, Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Trinadha Kandi, Deloitte Digital, Specialist Leader of Digital Marketing & Analytics
  • Wendy Marx, Marx Communications, President
  • Wenyu Zou, Kiehl’s L’Oréal USA, Assistant Vice President of Global Digital
  • William McKnight, McKnight Consulting Group, President

Top Marketing Experts Share Tips on Achieving Individualized Marketing was generously sponsored by Teradata.

Businesses in all industries are learning to use individualized customer data in their engagement strategies. However, accomplishing true individualization has been challenging for many companies because of a lack of resources; shortfalls in data quality, analysis, and understanding; and an inability to execute meaningful communications with consistency and relevancy.

To better understand what is working, and with the generous support of Teradata, we posed the following question to over 45 experts who are heading up Individualized Marketing strategies:

What advice would you offer a fellow marketing executive to help ease the transition to Individualized Marketing?

Although their approaches are as varied as their businesses and markets, these experts shared many insights. For example, you’ll learn the importance of integrating individualized data across the enterprise for use in all engagement channels. It is the integration of that data that enables true one-on-one customer engagement, and makes Individualized Marketing especially powerful.

Of course, there is a lot more to it than that, and I’m confident you will find many valuable insights in this eBook—insights that will strengthen and enrich your own Individualized Marketing strategy.