The book includes insights from the following experts:

  • Vaishnavee Sharma, Digital Editor, PBS NewsHour
  • Arielle Stomski, Chester Digital Content Producer, ABC News
  • Michael Nunan, Senior Manager, Broadcast Operations, Bell Media
  • Larry Shaw, Manager, Editing Operations, ABC News

  • Neal Rothschild, Director, Audience and Growth, Axios
  • Pavni Mittal, Independent Reporter/Producer, PBS NewsHour Weekend, Al Jazeera English
  • Corinne Matti, Product Manager, Democratic National Committee

7 Experts on the Future of the Video-driven Newsroom was generously sponsored by SnapStream.

News producers, editors, journalists, and others who create content rely on moments—those events and occurrences that resonate with and engage the audience, leaving them wanting more. Audiences increasingly prefer short-format, video-based content that informs them of the facts, and as the global pandemic demonstrated, news teams need to find new methods for working with a high level of control, collaboration, and creativity.
Industry professionals need to be able to access, curate, clip, and use video quickly in order to deliver webready, news-based video content in real time and in collaboration with their teams. Supported by SnapStream, we discussed industry trends and challenges with seven professionals in the field. We asked each of them this question:
What can the future video-driven newsroom teach content producers today?
The professionals we talked to included journalists, producers, videographers, people who work in publicly-funded organizations and those who work for private enterprises.
Important themes emerged from these conversations. In order to produce creative, high-quality content, news professionals need to collaborate, adhere to strong ethical standards, and meet the audience wherever it is.
These articles showcase the lessons of the recent past from those best-positioned to share them. As you read on, you’re sure to see why the ability to control your sources and video library, collaborate with teammates, and create real time web-ready content for social media and beyond is paramount for newsrooms of the future.