sherif mityas

Sherif Mityas, TGI Fridays, Chief Experience Officer

“We work with a third-party partner to help us pull in different data types and connect the dots. They can tell us, for example, these four data points are 98% likely to be customer X.”

        “If an average guest comes to the restaurant four times a year, just improving that to five times a year gives you a 20% lift. That’s a massive growth trajectory.”

For Sherif Mityas, chief experience officer at TGI Fridays, making sense of tremendous amounts of customer data requires understanding the customer journey. “The key is to really understand customer journeys,” he explains. “Are they in their car or at home? Are they scrolling through OpenTable or UberEats? What are they doing, where are they, and what time are they doing that?”

By viewing all customer data through the customer journey lens, Mityas can identify “moments that matter.” These are key decision points that can influence someone to take an action like making a reservation, ordering food to-go, or driving to the restaurant. Those are opportunities for communicating real-time incentives, such as an offer to prepare a to-go order based on previous buying patterns, made just in time to trigger a decision.

But if understanding the customer journey is key to analyzing customer data, where does that customer journey knowledge come from? As it turns out, that knowledge also comes from customer data. The challenge becomes using customer data to build an understanding of the journey, which is then used to further interpret new data.

This is an excerpt from 7 Experts on Transforming Customer Experience with Data Insights. The eBook was generously sponsored by Arm Treasure Data.