The book includes insights from the following experts:

  • Tammy Klotz, Covanta, Chief Information Security Officer
  • Spencer Wilcox, PNM Resources, Executive Director of Technology and Chief Security Officer
  • Mike Carroll, Georgia-Pacific, VP Innovation & Transformation
  • Marc Chevis, Shell Exploration and Production Company, Former Integrated Operations Manager
  • Jacob Laas, Oil Major, Head of Industrial IT & Infrastructure

  • Victor Ajayi, Chevron Corporation, Senior ICS/OT Cybersecurity Consultant

  • Agustin Valencia Gil-Ortega, Iberdrola, Head of OT Global Cybersecurity

7 Experts on Protecting OT Environments against Targeted Cyber Attacks was generously sponsored by PAS.

Digital transformation is well established in the business IT space, but it’s a different story for industrial process control. Because reliability and safety are so critical to industries like oil and gas, these industries are more cautious about adopting the newest technologies.

Yet Industry 4.0’s promise of greater operational efficiencies cannot be denied. The gap that has traditionally existed between IT and OT operations is rapidly closing. This trend is creating new challenges for plant operators, chief among them being the growth in OT cyber-risk.

With generous support of PAS, we set out to learn how plant managers are handling the cyber-risk that comes with digital and connected OT technologies. We asked seven OT experts the following question:

What are the best ways to balance the need to have benefits of a digital transformation strategy with the need to further secure the OT environment?

It’s clear that convergence of IT and OT is happening, but both IT and OT security professionals wrestle with best approaches to their organization’s cyber-risks. Their answers show different approaches to bringing IT and OT together to address this challenge and new tools that provide unprecedented visibility into OT devices throughout the plant.

Cyber is a critical risk that all industrial operations face. I believe the perspectives provided by these experts will be of interest to anyone who has a stake in the security of plant operations.