Whenever I heard about a terrorist attack, I felt sick, angry, and frustrated. Short of joining the IDF or making a donation, there wasn’t much I could do. That’s what I set out to change.

Now, Jews living outside of Israel can volunteer to actually help secure communities in Shomron and Judea. By organizing local groups of trusted volunteers, we boost the capabilities of onsite Israeli security personnel from abroad. Malachim Shomrim provides leadership, training, and well-coordinated communications to organize and provide the necessary focus for local volunteers. In short, we can go way beyond just sending financial help and hoping for the best.

In the future, we will use the Malachim Shomrim model to transform Jewish security everywhere. This concept will be used to secure synagogues, day schools and other Jewish institutions (targets) all over the world. For example, parents will take turns monitoring remote security cameras while their children are in school. On the world stage, the idea will be applied to secure the Jewish community in France. Ironically, working across time zones will be an advantage. Even Jews in Israel will volunteer to help Jews around the world.

Ultimately, the concept of organizing and leading volunteers combined with utilizing the latest collaborative technologies will transform Jewish volunteerism. Concerned Jews will volunteer from any place and at any time.

We are working to assemble a team of Jewish leaders and technology visionaries committed to solving critical problems. By employing technology, engendering trust, using lean thinking, and providing leadership, we will make the previously impossible, possible.

If you are inspired by this concept, I hope you will join us.

David Rogelberg


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