The book includes insights from the following experts:

  • Nikhil Bhat, Senior Hardware Design Engineer, CoreEL Technologies
  • Vasileios Grammatikakis, Senior Electronics and Hardware Engineer, Athlos Oy
  • Abhilash Joshi, Senior Design Engineer, Sweco
  • Juhani Pelttari, Business Development Manager, Murata
  • Jaiyam Sharma, Robotics Perception Engineer, Rapyuta Robotics
  • Fazel Taeed, Senior Electronic Engineer, Universal Robots
  • Blake Van Thof, Sr. Business Development Engineer, Murata
  • Jean Paul Talledo Vilela, Senior Technology Implementer, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute
  • Indra Wiryadinata, Staff Design Engineer, Tesla

9 Industry Experts Discuss MEMS Technology was generously sponsored by Murata and Mouser Electronics

Almost any device you own today contains some form of MEMS technology. We interviewed 9 experts on the benefits and applications of MEMS technology and what the future of this technology might hold. We hope you enjoy their insights!