The book includes insights from the following experts:

  • Diana Faynblut, New York University, Treasury Analyst
  • Jim Cashin, RSM US LLP, Partner
  • Ari Morris, Treasury Alliance Group LLC, Partner

Taking Treasury from Reactive to Proactive was generously sponsored by Kyriba.

You would be hard pressed to find any area of business under more stress than the treasury department. Morphing regulatory requirements, shifting foreign currency exposures, international market volatility, fraud, amped-up shareholder expectations—you name it. That’s why treasury can’t afford to remain reactive any longer. It must become proactive.

Proactive Treasury Management is a new approach. It empowers companies to forecast, plan for, and initiate coordinated responses to change. A proactive treasury can help protect cash while opening new means of putting idle cash to work. It creates visibility into the cash flow of even the most complex corporation’s international business units. It can be a key to
helping a company execute its strategic growth plans.

With generous support from SaaS treasury management software vendor Kyriba, we gathered 24 seasoned treasury experts and asked them one question:

What are the most important steps you’d take to transform treasury from reactive to proactive?

The short essays in this book include numerous anecdotes from the field describing varying strategies for evolving to a proactive treasury. Several basic themes ring through: no standardized template exists for creating proactive treasury—each company must carefully define proactive for itself. Companies the world over are recognizing, from the top down, the value of proactive treasury. They understand that it no longer pays to wait around and see what might happen next.

This e-book contains the collected wisdom of some of the best minds in the treasury space. I am confident you will benefit from the shared wisdom of the experts who have offered their time and energy to bring it to life.