The book includes insights from the following experts:

This eBook was generously sponsored by Juniper Networks.

Here’s the situation. Security tools keep getting better. There are more ways to implement policies and controls than ever before, and more ways to see what’s going on in your environment. It’s easier to identify intrusions quickly. And every day the world becomes a scarier place to store your data.

So what’s the answer? If I knew that, I would have retired by now. But, I’ve got the next best thing—insight from seven experts on how to leverage security automation in ways that can keep you at least one step ahead of the bad guys, for now. With the generous support of Juniper Networks, we asked seven experts the following question:

What advice, strategies, and best practices can you offer to get the most out
of automation and analytics in upgrading a company’s security posture?

There’s lots of great advice in this eBook, as well as a sober look at the magnitude of the challenge. One thing comes through loud and clear, which is that in spite of what vendors say, security automation is not a silver bullet. But implemented correctly, it can be the best bullet you have. Our experts tell you where most people go wrong and what you can do to make it work for you.