The book includes insights from the following experts:

  • Eyal Benishti, CEO, IRONSCALES

  • Steven Parker, CISO, TBC Corporation

  • Pieter VanIperen, SVP, Global Head of Cloud Security, 21st Century Fox

  • Shitanshu Kumar, Director, Security Engineering Operations & Compliance, iQor

  • Lance Auman, Lead Security Engineer, iHerb LLC

  • Jared Couillard, VP, IT and Security Officer, Cohere Health

  • Bob Fabien Zinga, Head of Information Security, Directly

How to Stay Ahead of the Growing Email Security Threat was generously sponsored by Ironscales.

Email is a necessity, yet simply clicking a link can expose you or your organization to infection. The Verizon 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report found that phishing was present in 36% of breaches with Business Email Compromises (BECs) as the second-most common form of Social Engineering. These trends continue even though companies spend more time and money on email security than ever before.

This eBook investigates why more layers of email security fail to prevent these sophisticated attacks and discusses an innovative new approach to email security that is meeting with success.