The book includes insights from the following experts:


The Essential Guide To Understanding Digital Transformation was generously sponsored by Iron Mountain.

Few changes we see happening in the world today are as completely and fundamentally impactful as digital transformation. But what exactly is digital transformation? Many debate its true meaning, and though it may mean different things to different organizations, few would argue that if a business is not on a clear digital-transformation path, it won’t have much of a future.

In this Beginner’s Guide to Digital Transformation, generously sponsored by Iron Mountain, seven experts weigh in on the topic of digital transformation, discussing everything from how you know it’s time to transform to the most effective strategies for preparing and implementing digital change in your organization. All the contributors to this eBook have overseen digital transformation and continue to guide organizations through the process. They offer insights based on their experiences that show how to avoid costly mistakes and how to realize unanticipated benefits. Most importantly, they show how to build a foundation for digital transformation that enables continuous digital change as technology evolves.

Digital transformation is a big topic. We have organized this guide into chapters that present key ideas in a way you would naturally approach transformation in the context of your own business. In reading through this eBook, I’m pleased with how it has succeeded in collecting so much valuable advice useful to anyone responsible for developing and implementing a digital-transformation strategy.