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8 Experts on Workplace Transformation was generously sponsored by Iron Mountain.

Companies are under strong pressure to create internal agility and foster strong collaboration so they can successfully compete and win new business in a quickly evolving market landscape. At the same time, employees know that they have greater choice in where they work—whether that’s telecommuting from a home office or logging on from a coworking space. Workplace transformation projects, as many companies have found, can help organizations achieve both goals of developing greater organizational agility and enhancing employee satisfaction.

Although companies often do have a strong financial incentive to make efficient use of their office space, they often discover that workplace transformation has a surprisingly powerful influence on organizational culture as well. Accordingly, a successful workplace transformation can greatly improve employee engagement, enable dynamic workplace collaboration, and position an organization to enjoy meaningful long-term growth in this era of breakneck digital transformation.

So how do leading businesses ensure success with a workplace transformation project? For many, a strong, employee-driven change management process is key. Others define the organizational behaviors they want to enable and holistically align their workspaces with larger branding objectives. As you read through this eBook, you’ll find expert advice, organized into key chapters, that illustrates the path of a successful workplace transformation initiative from beginning to end. I hope that you will find the advice in this eBook valuable in designing and implementing your own workforce transformation project.