7 Experts on IOT security and privacy was generously sponsored by Cypress and Mouser Electronics.

Security is a critical factor in Internet of Things (IoT) device design. An IoT device is either secure or not secure for many reasons. Security is a function of the components used in the device, firmware and software, data management, access control, the way devices communicate, and how they are deployed.

How do designers and engineers consider the many aspects of IoT security as they develop their IoT solutions? With generous support from both Mouser and Cypress (an Infineon Technologies company), we decided to find out. We asked seven experts with different IoT security backgrounds the following question:

What are the biggest challenges engineers face when working to secure their IoT solutions, and how do they address those challenges?

The experts discuss many approaches to both device-level security and security in an
IoT network. As it turns out, the biggest challenge of all may not, strictly speaking, be an
engineering one. Rather, it is the business challenge caused by the simple fact that security costs money, and that reality affects design.

As IoT devices proliferate and attackers revel in the growing attack surface, this is a timely discussion. This eBook provides many useful insights that will help designers create stronger, more secure IoT solutions. Enjoy!