The book includes insights from the following experts:


This eBook was generously sponsored by Citrix.

In a world of distributed computing and componentized applications, securely building and deploying
a successful application are challenging. Poor execution can result in underperforming apps, security
risks, and unacceptable infrastructure costs.

Successful application delivery depends on the tools and services you use to build, deploy, and
monitor your applications, but what is the “right kind” of application-delivery system? With the
generous support of Citrix, we set out to learn more about application-delivery challenges and
solutions by asking eight experts the following questions:

• What challenges do you encounter when selecting an application infrastructure? What are the
major considerations?
• What are the major factors that slow down app production? Once an app is in service, what
are the challenges of scaling it cost-effectively?
• What are the biggest challenges you face in securing your apps and data? How do you
address them?
• How does visibility across systems factor into troubleshooting a problem quickly?

Not surprisingly, the answers depend on the nature of the application. This eBook provides insights
from different perspectives that will be useful to anyone managing an agile application-development
and delivery process.