Arlie Hartman, Security Architect, KAR Auction Services

Secure Your Assets, Wherever They Reside

  • It’s not enough just to rely on security certifications of cloud services providers, because that doesn’t protect you against the things people do.
  • Vulnerabilities are driven by discrepancies. The gap between the designed intent and the actual state is your vulnerability.

“Anybody with a corporate credit card can set up an instance, and the next thing you know, you’re finding sensitive information in S3 containers on Amazon.”

Since joining KAR Auction Services as information security architect, Arlie Hartman has worked to transform the company’s vulnerability management across an infrastructure that is constantly changing through growth and acquisition. As one of the largest providers of remarketing services to the wholesale used-car industry, KAR has extensive partner relationships with banks, insurance companies, and auto manufacturers. The services it provides include auction sales that are streamed online, and financial services.  “We have very large customers, our networks are connected to theirs, and they have stringent security requirements,” says Hartman.

This is an excerpt from Reducing Cyber Exposure From Cloud to Containers. The eBook was generously sponsored by Tenable.