The book includes insights from the following experts:

  • Mark Alba, Chief Product Officer, Anomali
  • Brian Yau, Director of Cyber Fusion Center,
  • Joe Corsi, Deputy CISO, Excellus BCBS
  • Kevin McLaughlin, VP, Global Security, Risk & Compliance, Stryker
  • Genady Vishnevetsky, CISO, Stewart Title
  • Michael Tayo, Cloud Security Engineer, Tempus Labs, Inc.
  • Michal Merta, Cyber Fusion Center Lead, Accenture

7 Experts on Cyber Fusion was generously sponsored by Anomali.

The modern attack landscape of relentless, patient, well-funded threat actors illustrates the need to adapt our organizations accordingly. Few organizations would say that they have been resting on their laurels. Network operations centers have been monitoring uptime for decades—an essential task focused primarily on availability rather than security. Ad hoc computer emergency response teams or cybersecurity incident response teams combatting the emergency of the moment were another milestone. Still, they are reactive, with the collective wisdom lost as members disband and return to their representative departments. Information sharing and analysis centers (ISACs), industry groups, and other threat intelligence-sharing communities facilitate collaboration and information sharing but are external by their very nature.

The situation calls for a new approach that merges historically successful best practices from each security team into a cohesive new entity: a cyber fusion center. In a cyber fusion center, people, processes, and purpose act in unison to achieve a common goal, underpinned by threat intelligence at every touchpoint.

This ebook introduces cyber fusion as the inflection point for siloed cyber threat intelligence (CTI), security operations center (SOC), and incident response (IR) teams, fusing security operations under a single umbrella. It describes cyber fusion challenges and opportunities and, with special insight from industry experts, describes implementation best practices.